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<Japanese Ver>
世界各国に数々のスーパースターを排出したNYの殿堂“APOLLO THEATER”!この劇場の過酷なコンテストとして有名な“AMATEUR NIGHT”で、日本人で初めて3大会連続優勝を成し遂げたダンスグループ“LINA WORLD”のメンバーDAI!
あのマイケルジャクソンも同大会で優勝し、デビューに至ったという話は有名だが、以前からMICHAEL JACKSONを崇拝していたDAIが名前を“ダイケル”に改め、MICHAEL JACKSONのパフォーマンスをダイケルスタイルで披露する!
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<English Ver>
NY Hall of draining the numerous international superstar “APOLLO THEATER”! Toughest competition of the famous theater, “AMATEUR NIGHT” in the dance group achieved the first Japanese to win three consecutive “LINA WORLD” DAI for members!
Michael Jackson won the tournament, that story is well known that led to his debut, the name is MICHAEL JACKSON DAI had previously worshiped “Daikeru” changed to, to show off your style with the performance of nickel die MICHAEL JACKSON !
Lock the hearts of all those who are watching to die 盛Ri上Garazu is not no Kel performance has become a must-see value!
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