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NAME:Hitomi Okemoto

生年月日:6月 4日

血液型:B型 出身地:JAPAN









バイリンガルなインターナショナルパーティーガールでDJプレイのみならずパーティーを盛り上げる存在として、BRAND TOKYO、ELE TOKYO、Womb、Cat's Tokyoなどの都内の人気クラブでの出演や、Womb、GATSBY HOUSE、青山クリスタルラウンジでのイベントレギュラー出演を経験。クラブのみならず都内各所のパーティーにて活動中。



He told me

Born in Hiroshima, Japan, He told me studied Theater arts especially acting when she was in a college in USA. She experienced actress and modeling jobs for a while after she came back to Tokyo, Japan. However as she touched on music, party, clubbing cultures in Ibiza, Europe, and other countries while she traveled, she started to DJing in Tokyo since 2013

Now she has performed as a not only DJ but also as an International Party Girl at many clubs in Tokyo including Womb, Ele Tokyo, Bland Tokyo, Crystal Lounge,Cat's Tokyo e.t.c. She plays bars, lounges, and also private parties.








2015年 出演歴


1/9 Premium Second Friday@青山Crystal Lounge

1/16 Miracle Out@Womb Lounge

1/23 Girl's GoGo Night@Royal Family

1/24 GATSBY Night@新宿Gatsby house

1/29 Ele Tokyo

1/31 Fullmoon Neon Party@One Ork Bar


2/13 Premium Second Friday@青山Crystal Lounge

2/21 Chinese New Year Party@表参道

3/6 Miracle Out@Womb Lounge

3/13 Premium Second Friday@青山Crystal Lounge

3/27 GATSBY Night@新宿Gatsby house

4/3 Miracle Out@Womb Lounge

4/4 虎ノ門ヒルズ

4/10 Premium Second Friday@青山Crystal Lounge

4/16 くノ一@354club

4/25 Gatsby Night@Gatsby House

5/5 Ele Tokyo 1階@麻布十番

5/8 Premium Second Friday@青山Crystal Lounge

5/22 EDMR@Ele Tokyo

5/29 THE ORBIENT NIGHT@青山Crystal Lounge

5/29 Extra Friday@seven sense

6/6 Ele Tokyo 1階@麻布十番

6/13 Global tech sounds festival@The Bar(お台場)

6/19 Royal Bridge@BRAND TOKYO(六本木)

8/21 Royal Bridge@BRAND TOKYO(六本木)

8/22 Ele Tokyo

8/29 今年最後の泡パーティー@Crystal Lounge

9/5 HANDS UP@Cat's Toky

9/12 Fullmoon Neon party@Seven sense

9/25 大人の交流パーティー『PRELUDE』@MOANA Dining

9/28 Ele Monday@Ele Tokyo メインフロア

10/1 アドウェイズ内定パーティー

10/23 Halloween Neon Party@Cat's Tokyo 六本木

10/24 EDMR Halloween@Ele Tokyo

10/30 Halloween party@青山Crystal Lounge

11/20 Royal Bridge@BRAND TOKYO 西麻布

11/21 EDM Neon Party@Cat's Tokyo 六本木

11/22 Mark Knight@Womb

11/27 大人の交流パーティー『PRELUDE』@MOANA Dining 青山

11/28 Road to Las Vegas@Ele Tokyo 麻布十番

12/5 Surround@Seven sense

12/13 Black moon Party@Cat's Tokyo 六本木

12/18 Royal Bridge@BRAND TOKYO 西麻布

12/30 RAKUEN@Fubar (Koh Phangan, Thailand)

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