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 Double Dutch

<Japanese Ver>

1993年、J-TRAP.結成。 ダンス&ダブルダッチの日本初プロチームとして誕生。

日本でのダブルダッチ第一人者 である。 日本人初のNBAハーフタイムショー出演を始め、数々のイベント・TV番組に出演。 1997年12月N.Yで行われたダブルダッチ世界大会『HOLIDAY CLASSIC』で優勝をおさめる。 以後、日本はもとより世界のダブルダッチリーダーとなり、ダブルダッチのパイオニア として普及活動にも力を入れてきた。 1996年 4月にはFUNHOUSEよりCDデビュー。 その後も活躍のフィールドは様々な分野に広がり、ダブルダッチ・ダンス・歌を始め、 自分達だけでの総プロデュースによるワンマンライブを敢行するなど、エンターテインメント の新しい可能性に挑戦すべく日々活動を繰り広げている。J-TRAP.のメンバーは日本ダブルダッチ協会の公式インストラクターです


<Englishe Ver>

In 1993 “J-TRAP.” was formed and were the first Dance / Double Dutch professional team in Japan leading the Double Dutch rope skipping scene.“J-TRAP.” has appeared in numerous events and TV programs including being the first Japanese to perform at the NBA half time show. In December of 1997 “J-TRAP.” was victorious received first place (advance division) at the “Holiday Classic” World Double Dutch competition in New York, USA.“J-TRAP.” has been achieving both nationally and internationally, becoming not only leaders of the Double Dutch scene but as pioneers, promoting and spreading Double Dutch to the public.“J-TRAP.” incorporates music, fashion, dance and sing in Double Dutch in their very own original Style. In April of 1996, J-TRAP.’s debut CD was released. “J-TRAP.” is the first Double Dutch team in Japan,and the only team that does the performance of the dance, sing, and Double Dutch in the world. J-TRAP.’s field of work has been broadening ever since, beginning with Double Dutch, dance and sing, their projects also include producing and performing their own lives.“J-TRAP.” strives to continuetheir work and challenge themselves towards new perspectives of entertainment.“J-TRAP.” is an official instructor of a JDDA(Japan Double Dutch Association).


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